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Terms and Conditions of Service

Warranty and Guarantees

  • © 2014 ElectricianMan | All Rights Reserved.
  • ElectricianMan is a TradeMark of ElectricianMan
  • Individual, customer, business, corporation, entity, for profit or not for profit or any extent of said party will be referred to as the 'Customer'.
  • All labor provided by ElectricianMan is warranted for 90 days from the date services are performed. Your remedy for a breach of our warranty is, at ElectricianMan option, 1) return of amounts you paid ElectricianMan for labor services, or 2) ElectricianMan will resolve the condition causing the breach at it's cost.

    We pass on manufacturer warranties to our customers as applicable, if permitted.
  • When you request a proposal from ElectricianMan for electrical services, we will honor the proposal for 15 days from the date of proposal.
  • We perform all work in compliance with the strictest local, state and federal codes applicable to each installation or repair project.


  • While our services are contracted and provided primarily on a collect on delivery (C.O.D) basis, we do offer financing and payment arrangements based on individual circumstances, which typically encompass emergency repairs and \ or large expenditures.
  • Commercial customers need to arrange billing for services prior to dispatch of our electricians.
  • We charge all accounts with unpaid balances interest at a rate of 2.2% per month (26.40% per year); additionally, a service charge (not less than $25.00 per incident) may be applicable to a past due account.
  • Accounts are determined to be considered 'Past Due' 30 days from the date of service. And additional charges will occur beginning the 31st day from service date.
  • In situations where an account is over 30 days 'past due', the account will be put on hold for receiving any ElectricianMan services, until the account is paid and current.
  • Accounts with unpaid balances and liens are placed to secure unpaid balances, additional charges will be added to account to cover charges of placing liens.
  • In addition, all accounts 'past due' more than 60 days, may be managed by outsource collection agencies. Additional charges may be incurred.

Additional Business Policies

  • All services performed are conditioned upon application of current Prompt Pay Law Contracting Bill of Rights.
  • ElectricianMan files pre-liens on all properties with payment arrangements.
  • ElectricianMan reserves the right to change it's pricing and warranty policies at any time without notice.
  • To the extent that applicable law prohibits liability limitations, in no event will or shall ElectricianMan be liable for any damages in excess of the amount the customer paid to ElectricianMan.
  • ElectricianMan has the right to refuse service at it's own discretion

Commercial, Contract Electric Maintenance Program (CEMP) accounts

  • Contract Electrical Maintenance Program hereby referred to as CEMP
  • CEMP Program is a customer designed contract to provide electrical maintenance to property owners and management companies with multiple properties that require regular maintenance
  • CEMP contracts must be signed and agreed upon prior to any service of agreement and or contract(s)
  • CEMP program is regulated by contract(s) in place between ElectricianMan and the signing party.
  • CEMP program contracts are upheld to all but not limited to, the Terms & Conditions listed herein.
  • In the event of failure or breach of contract by customer (signing party) ElectricianMan will place any and all accounts on hold for any and all services.
  • CEMP contracts are for determined length of time and should the customer cancel said contract. A cancellation charge will be applied. Determined on a case by case basis.

Legal \ Collections

  • Any account(s) that requires litigation, legal or suits. Customer agrees to be responsible for all legal cost incurred by ElectricianMan. Or any affiliated business, organization, corporation or outsource cost incurred in the collection of CEMP balance. Including but not limited to Legal fees.


Although, ElectricianMan demands excellence in our staff, issues can arise from no negligence of ElectricianMan staff. Listed below but not limited to, are areas of damage that have been tracked through the performance of ElectricianMan business. And are determined NOT to include any negligence. That ElectricianMan deems, non liable. Any damages that may occur are determined free of negligence.

  • Access repairs
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Ceiling movement (this exposes the ceiling nails from movement of rafters, joist & or beam)
  • Any & all devices plugged into the electrical system. (Remember, you have an electrical issue and you should unplug any items as to prevent damage from the faulty system)
  • Any flooring damage incurred from ladders, scaffolding or any other type of equipment used to access ceiling or high wall locations.
  • damage to products that are not properly secured as per manufacture recommendations.
  • Any persons injured through events while tech is performing service and non-qualified personnel are with in service area. (This means, do not stand over the tech's shoulder while performing service)

Additionally, customer is responsible to provide a safe OSHA approved access and or base for electrician to perform duties safely.

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